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If he wants me broken, then I will have to be whole.

I’ve been meeting and learning from leaders and the Mental Health Advocacy about the challenges others living with mental illness are going through so I can become an even stronger Mental Health Advocate. I’ve learned a lot about comprehensive Mental Healthcare Reform. I think it’s really important that people know that the more that we talk about it, the more pressure we put on Congress to make a difference. I’ve also learned that my voice matters, that everyone’s voice matters; and that if you believe in something you should talk passionately about what you believe in. When I was diagnosed with bipolar depression, I was relieved because it gave me answers to questions that I have been asking for years. What a lot of people need to know is that telling your story is very important. Let’s get rid of the stigma about mental illness, and continue to spread the word that something needs to be done.

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@katyperry: What do you mean orange chicken isn’t a fruit?! 

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"people can be too over reactive sometimes. try to have more fun & not take everything soooo seriously! life should be fun. focus on love.”

"Who were you before they broke your heart"
I don’t remember (via antidottes)

Let’s go to Paris’. I want to rob.

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“I’m not really focusing on this “inevitable” stardom that people seem to be talking about. I am not in this industry to be famous. I’m doing it because I like to perform and act and to be different people. I’m just happy to be working in general.”