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Here are all the blogs of the people who make my dash amazing with their edits, text posts and more. I want to say that everyone here is perfect in their own way and i’m so happy to follow them, also want to say that i’m always here if they need someone to talk or if they need help, all of you are really really amzing, i love you all so much! I wish you the best in everything. 

a,b,c: ashbensos, ashlybensos, biebermynigguh, biebergasmic,

beautifulsparks, blownaways, bebiers, biebrauhl, backtogomez, 

biebber, cecemariefreys, cleartomenows, 

colouringmornings, cantbetamed, coloringyoursky.

d,e,f: dopestselena, dovatos, demilovt, effyeahgomez, flawlessbieber, firsttdance, fadingyous, fromcanadas.

g,h,i: gomesz, getnakedmiley,gomeztry, 

goldlighters, g-bennett,harriebs, happinessishardtofind,itsmalletes, imsodonewithselena, imsodonewithjustinbieber, isabellaswan.

j,k,l: jasondeeps, justalibertywalk, justinbuber, jasonmras, justintbieber, justinswaggie, jusstinbieber, juststays, justinbieberarms, kingbieber, kidrauhl,lookatmenowbiebs, lovatobiebers, lickingchristmas, 

lastsfridaynight, lovoto, lukesbrooks, lovatzo, liampaynerr.

m,n,o: marsandback, marchfirsts, meplusyous, morningsuns, niallhorans, nightofamelody, nighttmons.

p,q,r,s: princebiebers, perfectbiebers, perfectlydrews,

rememberunity, runawaylovee,runawaynights, rockmafias, rockvatoz, selenamworld,

stratfordsfinest, sellyz, selemagonez, selnagomez, selenagomoz, stratfordvoice, selenamgomez, sosgomez, selrusso, selenamg, seldrew, 

skkyscrapers, saintbieber, sparksofmiley, sweetierauhls.

t,u,v: tolightthefuse, tenfeetaway, vesperss.

w,x,y,z: yearauhl, yeahmileys, wordsofwisdoms, zaynys.

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